Your pokémon snapped out of its confusion!


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in other news,

i am extremely honored and flattered that Wonderland gave me what me and many of my friends and peers would regard as a ‘prime slot’ spinning at 1am, traditionally the closing slot for most clubs that end at 2. I was scared i’d get an early slot and alot of my friends wouldn’t be able to come see cause of whatever reason. I was expecting a 10pm slot, maybe an 11, 12am if im lucky but i got 1am. I can enjoy myself for a bit and kill it when everything is live. But I looked at who i’m spinning against at another stage and it broke my heart that I saw Seven Lions from 1-2.

I remember my first time watching Seven Lions at the Warfield opening up for Porter Robinson. I literally bought my ticket off Craigslist for 25 dollars and coming into the show (primarily at the time excited just for Porter) I had no idea who Seven Lions were. But your set was so live, so vivid, dubstep/trap for days into melodic chords of progessive house. I made sure to catch you at any festival I went to after, saw you at EDC and now i’m a 5 days away spinning against you in the same venue, I’ll be sure to catch your last 30 minutes. (you spin until 2:30) But you’re making it hard on alot of my friends to pick and choose you or me but I know regardless of what set they choose to listen to it’s gonna be a good time. If can, please save Strangers , Don’t Leave or your remix of You Got To Go for last.


replacing my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less


Love without agenda.

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